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Biofeedback Device

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Vaginal EMG probe.jpg
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  • Introducing our revolutionary Biofeedback Device, a game-changer in the treatment of urinary incontinence.

  • The therapist can measure user’s muscle strength and individualize the exercise program

  • Harness the power of personalized therapy with real-time feedback to strengthen pelvic muscles and regain bladder control.

  • The device uses computer graphs and audible tones to give feedback of muscle activity to the user.

  • The system offers two modes of operation –

    •  1. Evaluation:

      • Separate evaluation program designed for periodic evaluation of patient’s progress

      • The program gives a report in PDF format.

    • Therapy:

      • Provision to set the challenges based on the previous evaluation result of respective patient

      • Interactive biofeedback process due to inclusion of animation in therapy mode

  • Dual Channel EMG and Single Channel Manometry

  • Vaginal & rectal EMG probe for Pelvic Muscle EMG

  • Balloon Catheter for Manometry

  • Dimensions: 40x20.5x80 cmWeight: 3 Kg

Download Brochure:
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