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Astra-30 : 30 Watts Holmium YAG LASER lithotripter

  • ASTRA-30 is first made in India Holmium YAG laser.

  • Our experts, having more than 30 years of laser designing & manufacturing experience have put in their best to make ASTRA -30 a world class product.

  • To achieve accurate, efficient and long lasting performance, comparable with World’s best, Astra’s Optics are sourced from reputed USA & European optics manufacturers.

  • We assure our customers a complete laser lithotripsy solution for all procedures at affordable cost.

  • Customer will be immensely benefitted in longer run as cost of the spares & services will be quite low.

  • Wide band of power from minimum 2.5 Watts to maximum 30 Watts facilitates versatile laser lithotripsy procedures.

  • Accurate & optimum laser spot makes the stone fragmentation efficient & damage free.

  • Extra cooling capacity chiller assures long duty cycles in tropical and subtropical weather.

Technical Specifications:
  • Astra-30 Unit along with LCD touch screen mounted on top

  • 3 Fibers 

  • Foot switch

  • Safety Goggles

  • Fibre cutter and stripper

Download Brochure:
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