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Hydromat – Peristaltic Infusion Pump

  • Versatile irrigation pump used in endoscopies.

  • 100% Sterilization is achieved with the help of peristaltic movement of the liquid. Liquid does not come in contact with any part of the pump.

  • Continuous and Intermittent modes of operation.

  • Configurable flow from 30ml/Min to 1000ml/Min.

  • Configurable intro-organ maximum pressure for the safe and uncomplicated procedures. Pump will stop irrigation automatically if the intro-organ pressure exceeds the set pressure.

  • LCD display to monitor mode of operation, set flow,intro-organ pressure and set maximum allowable intra-organ pressure.

Technical Specifications:
  • Digital Hydromat Control Unit

  • Silicon rubber tubing with ` T ‘ connection
    Length :  5mtr
    Size      :  9mm X 6mm

  • Power supply cable

Download Brochure:
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