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Measuring Program :

  • Uroflowmetry

  • Cystometry

  • Cystometry with EMG

  • Pressure Flow Studies

  • Urethral Pressure Profilometry

  • Biofeedback

  • Anorectal Manometry

Advantages of UROCOMP 2000 :

  • State of the art technology

  • Modular Design

  • High Sampling Rates

  • User friendly operating software as per ICS standards

  • Five Upgradable models

Advantages of Urocomp-S, SME’s operating software for Urodynamic studies:

  • Windows 10 Compatible

  • Patient data storage and retrieval

  • Provisions for pre-setting of graphs, Calibration of sensors, pump and puller.

  • Standard ICS Nomograms

  • Easy and intuitive procedure for calibration

  • Common for all 3 below mentioned software modules

  • Search and filter capability

  • User friendly patient updating functionality



  • Gravimetric type Vmic sensor

  • Beaker and uroflowmetry voiding chair is provided



  • Roller pump, for precise non pulsating infusion, having Flow rate minimum 1ml/min to 100ml/min

  • Disposable or non-disposable pressure sensors for measurement of Pves and Pabd.

  • Vin – Weight Sensor

  • EMG- EMG Module with amplifier and filter compatible for surface and wire electrodes

  • Automatic leak and artifact detection

  • Visual and Sound EMG recordings

  • Post-test editing


  • Catheter puller arm having pulling speed of 2cm/min to 6cm/min

  • Disposable or non-disposable pressure sensors for measurement of Pves and Pab


  • S​eparate EMG Evaluation and Therapy modes

  • Easily set patient specific custom challenges in therapy mode

  • Animated Themes for therapy mode

  • Post-test editing

Anorectal Manometry

  • 4 User configurable pressure channels

  • User selectable pressure channel for parameter calculation

  • Post test editing

Control Unit:

  • State of the art isolator and signal processor.


  • All in one windows computer with LCD screen and suitable printer.


  • Specially designed modular integrated trolley.

Available Models:
C-Arm Compatible Motorised UDS Chair
UDS Chair.png
Download Brochure:
Feedback from Our Renowned Customers

All India Institute of Physical Medicine & rehabilitation

All India Institute of Physical Medicine & rehabilitation

We have been using advanced urodynamic Measurement System UROCOMP 2000 UV supplied by M/S Status Medical Equipments.The system is working satisfactorily.

Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research

Have been using advanced computerised Urodynamic Measurement System since 17.05.2006.The system is working satofactorily

Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital

Using advanced computerised Urodynamic Measurement System since 28.10.2010.The system is working satofactorily

Government of West Bengal Department of Urology

Using UROCOMP 2000 since 11.02.2011 and it is working satisfactorily.

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