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Auto-Tersus : Self Cleaning Urine Flow Meter

-By Jayant D Mahajan

      While visiting a leading urologist from Mumbai, I asked his assistant feedback about the ‘Flowcomp’ a weight sensor type uroflowmeter which we manufacture. The assistant told me that it is working fine, without any trouble. I sensed that he wanted to talk more but  was hesitant.

      When I explored more he opened up he told me that emptying the urine filled beaker is an unwanted task for everybody.

      Many times there is urine spillage on the floor during or after the test. To clean it is an additional unhygienic task. I agreed that the problems were genuine but at that time I had no solution to offer. This input triggered a thought process & after many brainstorming sessions we finalized design of Self Cleaning Urine flow meter It was an innovative design & we got US & Indian patents for it.

      Based on this design We developed Auto-Tersus The self cleaning urine flow meter. It is like male urinal, the patient does not feel that he is going through a test. Naturally the Uroflowmetry test truly represents his normal voiding pattern. After the test the urine is drained automatically & the urine flow meter is cleansed with tap water.

       Obviously the first installation of Auto -Tersus was done at the Mumbai clinic. The happy smile of the assistant gave me immense satisfaction.

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