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Wireless FlowComp-NG

  • This is a wireless, OS based, gravimetric type uroflowmetry system.

  • Wireless connection allows the uroflow chair and sensor to be in a bathroom whereas all the reports can be monitored and printed from computer in attendant’s cabinet.

  • The 1.2 GHz processor comes preinstalled with ‘StatFlow’SME’s proprietary software specifically developed for uroflowmetry.

  • Attendant can Add patient, Start the test, Stop the test, Print the report. All this while sitting in his cabin using a StatFlow®, Status Medical Equipment’s proprietary software.

Technical Specifications:
Control Unit
  • Wireless FlowComp-NG control Unit

  • Vmic Sensor

  • Uroflowmetry Chair

  • Transceiver module

  • Processor

  • HDMI monitor

  • Keyboard and Mouse

  • Printer

Download Brochure:
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