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  • World’s first gravimetric type uroflowmetry system with self-cleaning facility

  • SME proudly holds the US patent for this product.

  • Provides clean convenient and hygienic way for urine flow testing.

  • After urination no need to empty and clean the beaker. Auto flush function empties the beaker and rinse it thoroughly. The urine is discharged to drainage.

  • Male patients void in most natural position and surrounding thereby increasing the test result accuracy.

  • Attendant is relieved from unwanted and unhygienic task of emptying and cleaning the beaker after each test.

  • Stand-alone unit without need of computer system.

  • Control Unit is directly connected to dot-matrix printer and reports are automatically printed after each test.

  • The high performance microprocessor along with accurate signal processing electronics provide superior accuracy.

Technical Specifications:
  • Easy-Flow sensor with auto flushing assembly

  • Male Urinal

  • Easy Flow Control Unit

  • Dot matrix Printer

  • All the necessary piping and cables

Download Brochure:
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